Water quality & treatment: a handbook on drinking water

There have been plenty of changes since the 1999 fifth edition of this comprehensive reference, including new regulations and concerns about the health effects of some contaminants, refinements of older technologies, and technology for removal of nanoparticles, endocrine disrupting compounds, and pathogens. Updated throughout, coverage includes foundation chapters on drinking water standards and regulations followed by health effects, chemical principles, source water composition, and watershed protection, among many other topics. New emphasis is placed on disinfection by-products, arsenic, viruses, and protozoan cysts, as well as water reuse, ultraviolet light processes, and natural treatment systems. This book is a project of the American Water Works Association's Water Quality and Technology Division, with which the editor is affiliated. It is a hefty volume containing 23 chapters and about 1700 pages, intended for the wide range of engineers, researchers, regulatory agency personnel, and professionals in the water process and chemical industries.

Portada. Water quality & treatment: a handbook on drinking water


James K. Edzwald (editor)

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